Our Journey


September 27, 2007, we began our journey, oblivious to its transformation into an odyssey soon! Believing strongly in – each one teach many, the only equation which will give us a glimpse of a 100% literate society on the horizon, we decided to pack our bags with all our determination and dreams and set out.

Observing the children of the migrant labourers, domestic helps, guards, gardeners whiling away their time while their parents were away at work evoked certain thoughts in our minds. The realisation of the fact that so far we had lived only for ourselves and our families, ignoring those who have been serving us in so many ways…made us dream. This dream was realised in the form of NeeV – a learning centre, where these ‘children of a lesser God’ learn to observe, feel, think and implement … where they are being prepared to live a meaningful and productive existence in a society they are born into, but which so far they don’t belong to!

Hence started this beautiful journey.